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Bus Numbers that stop near to Ashton Park School 351, 352, 353, 354, 357, 358, 359, 362, 363, 657 & UWE Ulink.

Mission Statement

As a dual use sports facility and specialist sports college we aim to provide a wide range of sports activities and provision for our immediate pupils and partner schools along with increasing participation by providing affordable fitness and sports provision to the local and wider community.


We will endeavour to provide a programme to suit all levels and age groups and make it accessible to all while ensuring sustainability is also a priority.




Commercial Aims

Ashton Park Sports Centre must operate on a sustainable level to ensure the costs in operating the facility are met through fees for activities open to the local community. Any profits that may be made in certain activities will help pay towards other activities on offer which may not do so well financially. We will ensure that the facility is maintained to the highest standard possible and work towards the investment of better equipment and facilities on offer.


Increase participation to improve health is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve and in achieving this we will offer an affordable programme of activities to cater for all.


Social Aims

Ashton Park Sports Centre will help in the development both mentally and physically through sport and activity by providing activities for all from as early as 3years.


By providing activities for juniors aged 4-14years outside of school hours we aim to achieve a sense of community spirit with juniors having the opportunity to participate in a facility also used as a school which they may not have had the opportunity before to get a feel of the secondary school environment. This is beneficial for juniors coming up to the secondary school by making the transfer from junior to secondary school easier as a friendly and enjoyable introduction will have been made.

Activities on offer aim to mix different age groups with suitably qualified supervision to encourage interaction at different levels to help with confidence, team building, leadership and adaption skills.


Providing at all times a friendly professional facility to welcome individuals to exercise either in a group session or as an individual with the opportunity to become sociable with other members if desired.


Service Aims

Ensure at all times a high standard of coaching, delivery and service is offered to the public. Ensuring all policies and procedures are in places to operate a safe environment both for employees, pupils and members of the public.




To achieve all of the desired aims an innovative and creative programme of activities are available for all ages and abilities.

By evaluating attendance records we can adapt and further achieve increasing participation by changing the programme of activity and provision to further suit the needs of the community. By collecting data from all users we are able to identify the areas where we are not achieving this helps both in the monitoring and evaluating on our financial aim and an increase in participation to improve health within our local and wider community.

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