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Activity information

Please see below for descriptions of the various activities that make up our Holiday Activity Programmes.


Escape Zone (Confirmation Letter)

This can be a full or half day booking. The age range is 4 - 14yrs. The children will take part in a mixture of different sports and games in the sports hall that can include dodge ball, tag, basketball, cricket, rounders, tennis, parachute games plus lots more. Depending on the age and amount of children booked in they may be split into groups for different activities. Each day is different as activities depend on the amount and ages of the group. Also depending on the weather they may go outdoors for activities.

The emphasis is on the children having lots of fun throughout the day interacting and mixing with other children of different ages and abilities.

Extended Day (ED)

Our new Escape Zone Extended Day will give parents the opportunity to collect their children at 5pm instead of 4pm (normal Escape Zone day). Please Note: The activities provided for the children during the ED will not necessarily be sport based.

The Ashton Gatehouse - We offer the session below in partnership with The Ashton Gatehouse

Easter Egg Orienteering (Confirmation Letter)

The team are challenged to complete activities and collect clues around Ashton Court Estate in order to complete the trail and earn prizes! The children will also learn about the history of the redeveloped Ashton Gatehouse and map reading skills will be introduced.


Young Bristol - We offer the below activities in partnership wtih Young Bristol.

The programme is designed for the beginner or novice who wants a 'taster' of outdoor adventure activities. Everyone will require a 'give it a go' attitude. Young Bristol believes in encouraging young people to push themselves and meet new challenges. However, there is no compulsion. Non-participation by group members is perfectly acceptable for activities where anyone is unable to or unhappy about taking part. We ask that the matter is discussed in advance of the session either with the course organiser or instructor.


Abseiling (Confirmation Letter)

At the Sea Walls, Avon Gorge. Using rockfaces suitable for beginners, qualified instructors will coach particpants safely and carefully allowing everyone to face their fears and meet the challenge. Emphasis will be on teamwork and group members will be taught how to support and help each other. The maximum Abseil height will be approx 25 metres.

Archery (Confirmation Letter)

A fun activity to improve hand / eye co-ordintation. An indoor range of approx 10m at a local youth club offers competitions and games with balloons and sweets.

Bushcraft (Confirmation Letter)

An awareness day (survival skills = half day) learning ancient skills such as animal tracking, shelter building and nature awareness - The bold skills of excellent basic survival skills. The main core skills will focus on - Shelter, Hunting, Navigation and Campcraft.

Canoeing (Confirmation Letter)

Large Canadian-style open canoes suitable for 3 persons.

Sessions take place in sight of our Pooles Wharf Activity Centre in the floating harbour usually incorporates planned trip along the Harbour towards the City Centre passing the SS Great Britain, Matthew and other landmarks. Basic strokes will be taught along the way. There will also be some confidence building games played on the water to encourage balance and agility.

Climbing (Confirmation Letter)

At the Sea Walls, Avon Gorge. Using rockfaces suitable for beginners, qualified instructors will coach participants safely and carefully allowing everyone to face their fears and meet the challenge. Great opportunity to gain confidence and learn the basic skills of climbing. Emphasis will be on teamwork and group members will be taught how to support and help each other. The maximum height will be approx 20 metres.

Caving & Streamwalk (Confirmation Letter)

Beginners cave - Goatchurch Cavern in Burrington Combe on the mendips. Dry Cave, so not affected by rainy weather. Again, a strong emphasis on teamwork applied by experienced qualified instructors. Overalls supplied with helmets, lights and wellies.

Gigg Rowing (Confirmation Letter)

National governing body (NGB) qualified instructors will teach how to control the boat which requires communication, concentration and skill.  The boat seats up to 8 people and is an ideal activity for older children. A great fun activity and will give a great workout for all abilities.  The boards are incredibly stable and easy to master the basics.

High Ropes (Confirmation Letters)

Challenge yourself on the High Ropes course. Climb up to the top of the 12 meter high Alter board and take the leap of faith at the top. Walk along the balance beame 3 meters above the ground then try your skills at the tight rope walks above this. Activity is done using climbing harnesses and belaying the young people while on the activity. The high ropes course is Just off Begger Bush Lane at the back of Ashton Court.

Kayaking (Confirmation Letter)

Single person closed cockpit kayak (canoe).

Sessions take place in sight of our Pooles Wharf Activity Centre in the floating harbour. Our national governing body (NGB) qualified instructors will teach basic beginners strokes - forwards, backwards, sideways, turning, stopping. There will also be some confidence building games played on the water to encourage balance and agility.

Orienteering (Confirmation Letter)

The team are challenged to 'beat the clock' and find their way around Ashton Court Estate or Blaise Castle Estate looking for marker posts hidden around the undergrowth and trees in the quickest possible time. Map reading skills will be introduced. Great team work activity.

Raft Building (Confirmation Letter)

A fun session with the emphasis on working as a team. the group design and build a raft using equipment they are provided with (barrels, logs, rope etc) and then at the end of the session they get to paddle it across the river. 

S.S. Great Britain 'Go Aloft' (Confirmation Letter)

Experience the thrill of climbing the huge mainmast of the S.S. Great Britain! Children will have the luxury of being strapped into a harness and briefed by a Topman on the Weather Deck before ascending the rigging to a viewing platform over 25 metres high. From there, the bravest of the brave can step out onto the main yard, taking them 9 metres out across the ship below!

For safety reasons there are height and weight restrictions for the 'Go Aloft'. Children must also be at least 10 years old and 1.4 metres tall.

Sailing (Confirmation Letter)

Go dinghy Sailing in the centre of Bristol under the direction and supervision of qualified instructors. The day session will involve learning how to handle single handed Sailing boats. This is a great and fun introduction to the highly competitive sport!

Tree Abseiling (Confirmation Letter)

The 60ft Tree Abseil at the High Ropes course is an exhilarating activity really testing your nerve! Qualified instructors will coach participants safely and carefully allowing everyone to meet the challenge. Are you scared of heights?! Then this is the perfect opportunity to conquer your fear! Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

YB Football (aka Football Festival) (Confirmation Letter)

Young Bristol Football Camps/Festivals are aimed for children to come along and help improve their football skills whilst meeting new friends - Young Bristol hope that it will encourage and give children the opportunity to become part of local football teams. Sessions are based outdoors on the grass but the weather may force sessions onto a different surface or indoors. Sessions include small sided games, drills, an element of fitness training, penalty shoot outs, fun and games, and much, much more. Some camps/festivals also include free gifts and small presentations on the last session.

Please note that all activity venues are subject to change and a required minimum number of participant bookings.



Axis Trampoline ClubWe offer trampolining and gymnastics sessions in partnership with Axis Trampoline Club


Trampolining (all ages) (Confirmation Letter)

Our sessions give children the chance to work with a High Performance Trampoline Coach to safely practice routines on the trampolines with added games and exercises to ensure fun and enjoyable sessions.

Gymnastics (Confirmation Letter)

These sessions allow children to experience a wide range of gymnastics and rebound activities. The sessions will utilise Axis Trampoline Club’s Olympic standard equipment and will involve; beams, A-symmetric bars, vaults, sprung floors, tumble track, mini trampolines and foam pits! The emphasis on the session will be fun and enjoyment, whilst learning gymnastics skills appropriate to ability.

Family Battle Fitness - We offer the session below in partnership with Family Battle Fitness

Nerf Battle! (Confirmation Letter)

A session full of army fun! This fun activity lets you get a feel of what it would be like to be an Army Commander. The children will train through a series of fun games and assault courses, before battling it out in the war-zone!



Other Sports Specific Activities:


Mum & Children Netball

This is a fun netball session for mums to attend along with their children. It allows mums to play netball in a non compettivitve situation whilst also introducing their children to netball. The sessions will provide the opportunity to develop netball skills in a relaxed, enjoyable enviroment.

The session is ran by All England Netball coach Sue Anderson. For more information on the session please contact Sue on 07872407216.

Junior Netball

Ran by a specialist 'All England' Netball coach, these sessions involve different Netball skills and games aimed at teaching children the basics of Netball as well as progressing their skills. With opportunities to progress to playing for a Netball team or even playing in the Avon Netball League, this really isn't an activity to miss!

Bikeability (Level 1 Confirmation Letter) (Level 2 Confirmation Letter) (Level 3 Confirmation Letter)

('Fix' Confirmation Letter)

Bikeability is ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Certificates and shiny luminous badges for each level are awarded to children who successfully complete each course and children are encouraged and inspired to achieve all three levels, recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike. For more information please visit the Bikeability website.

A new 'Fix' session has been added to Bikeability's agenda. The Fix session combines a 'Fix' session with the Level 2&3 courses into one activity. The 'Fix' part of the course aims to teach children the basics of repairing a bike including; fitting tyres, adjusting brakes, locating and patching punctures and much more. (More information is given on our 'Fix' Confirmation Letter above.) The Level 2&3 side of the course aims to give children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. This new activity is a two day course which on completion, each child will receive a FREE puncture repair kit and certificate. 

Dance (Confirmation Letter)

The group will work on putting together a “mini dance” and will put on a performance at the end of the session for the other children attending our holiday activities.  The dance type is varied, from hip hop, contemporary and street dance.

Dance Camp (Confirmation Letter

Over this two-and-a-half day activity, the group will work on two in depth, choreographed routines. The type of Dance could be Hip Hop, Contemporary or Street and it's a great opportunity for children to showcase their dancing skills as well as learning some new moves!

Football Day (Confirmation Letter)

Our Football Day, ran by a qualified FA coach, will be aimed at children having fun and developing their skills! The day will include different games, activities, drills, matches, tournaments and penalty shoot-outs for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy!

Tennis (Confirmation Letter)

These sessions will be aimed at learning the basics of Tennis as well as improving skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Ran by an LTA Level 2 qualified coach from the Bristol City Community Trust, these sessions aim to improve; positioning, hand-eye co-ordination, serving and all other shot techniques.

Little Kickers Football(Confirmation Letter)

In this F.A. certified programme, these sessions are aimed at helping boys and girls learn the basics of football in a fun and friendly environment. The sessions will involve various activities, skills, games and matches for the younger children to enjoy.

Judo(Confirmation Letter)

Coached by a Level 2 British Judo Association qualified coach, this session is a chance to learn the ancient Japanese martial art of Judo. A fun and enjoyable session covering the basics of the sport including learning how to; throw, hold down, stop an attach, escape a hold plus much more! Medals and certificates can also be won.

Karate(Confirmation Letter)

Coached by a 2013 World Medalist and 2015 National Champion, this session really is a great opportunity to learn traditional Japanese Karate teaching self defence, discipline and fitness. This session will involve learning structured blocking, kicking and punching in a sage environment. There will be a focus on building speed and flexibility through the use of kick pads and team games.

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